Dev [ Java, MySQL, C# (.net) & Front-end (JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3) ]

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Welcome to the online portfolio of Daniel Stege Lindsjø. I reside and live as a Danish citizen in the country of Denmark. I am available for full-time positions starting ASAP. I am a graduate from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology ( where I obtained an AP Degree in Computer Science.

I live and breathe for agile development! I have some experience with Unified Process but like most of my peers, I hated excessive systems development. So naturally, the agile became a way of life. It is also my experience that most employers don’t bother with UML any more than necessary. To code with any given tech-stack and still come out on top. With happy colleagues, and working for a company that takes pride in delivering on time every time. I love beautiful code with a zen-like approach to it and I love the thought of making a career in the IT-industry! Although I may come across as having strong opinions about my field which is Information Technology. I am always open to new perspectives so long as their aim is to create an even better tomorrow.


Fields of Expertise

  • Programming by Unified Process.
  • Agile Methodologies (XP/Scrum).
  • Programming in Java (Swing/JSP/Servlets/Android).
  • MySQL databases & SQL.
  • Sharing of knowledge + communication (team-player).
  • PHP5.
  • Linux via SSH.
  • .net MVC4.
  • WPF & C#
  • Personal Profile

  • Empathic and Humorous – is present putting myself easily into the position of others and spreading a good atmosphere in all situations, even under pressure.
  • Proactive and adaptive – showing timely care, and quick to adapt to even new areas and issues, and I like new challenges.
  • Creative and visionary – Agile, curious and contentious with the ability to see things from new and wide perspectives focusing on whole solutions.
  • Inspirational and motivational - inspires and motivates my surroundings with, among other things, my personality, my thinking and my working methods.
  • Programming Languages and Courses

  • Java (3. semesters & programming exam).
  • MySQL & SQL (3. semesters).
  • Android (mobile programming) and PHP (web programming). (1. semester elective).
  • Microssoft TypeScript/JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3/JQuery (1. semester final project).
  • Microsoft .NET (C# and WebApps MVC4) (Via course at Itucation A/S).
  • C# and WPF Work with C# and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) at Stella Care ApS.
  • Games

    I am an avid Chess Player, and I will almost never say no to a good game. But really Backgammon, Checkers or perhaps any new and exciting board game. I am game. Are you?

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