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Agile development and a love for coffee, games and good colleagues.

About me
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About me

My name is Daniel Stege Lindsjø. I am available for part and full time positions. I am a graduate of the Copenhagen School of Design & Technology (KEA.dk), where I obtained a Computer Science AP degree.

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I live and breathe for agile development! I have some experience with the Unified Process, but like most of my fellow students, I hated excessive system development. I love beautiful and minimalistic code, so agile became my favorite development method. Besides that, it is my experience that most employers do not use UML more than necessary. I chose the IT industry because it is a crucial technology in today's society and thus makes a vital contribution to an even better future.


Personal profile

The following properties are some that I am often described with:

Empathetic and humorous

Being present, easily puts me in the position of others and spreads a good atmosphere in all situations, even under pressure.

Proactive and an "easy-study"

Shows timely care, quickly introduces myself to new issues and likes new challenges.

Creative and visionary

Agile, curious and creative with the ability to see things from new and broad perspectives focusing on whole solutions.

Inspirational and motivating

Inspires and motivates my surroundings with my personality, my inovative thinking and my working methods.


Below are the projects and courses I have been working on: